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Bike Lights For Winter at Specialized Santa Cruz

13 November 2019

Bike Lights For Winter at Specialized Santa Cruz

OK, it’s time to finally admit it - the sun has now well and truly set on the year. Jack Frost is here to stay, settling in for another long winter along with his mates. But rather than shut the door, draw the curtains and give up on riding, we’ve learned over the years to embrace the colder months. To appreciate the little things you spot on winter rides, appreciate the peace and quiet of empty trail centres and savour the joy of a warming brew at the end of a chilly spin.

Last week we had a good look at how to get kitted up for the season. Another vital element of riding through the winter is getting your light setup dialled, whether that’s to ensure you’re visible to other road users or to light your way as you blast through deserted woods and explore the empty lanes. As you’d expect from us, we’ve got everything you’re going to need so you can keep feeding that urge to ride all winter long.

Lights to be seen

The urban jungle can be a dangerous place, awash with pedestrians (with or without their eyes glued to their phones), cars, buses, taxis, lorries, other cyclists, lions, tigers….OK, maybe we’re getting a little carried away there. But our busy streets, with numerous distractions and distracted people crawling over them, are not the place to be riding without a reliable set of lights, front and rear, to ensure you stand out from the crowd.